What is the purpose of entrance matting in schools?

What is the purpose of entrance matting in schools?


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When a big quantity of footfall enters and exits a facility, from pre-schools to colleges, it’s critical to acquire the correct entrance matting that can not only withstand and endure the constant footfall of students’ feet but also be safe and minimize hazards such as slipping. Although not all educational buildings require the same type of matting, there are key characteristics that must be present in all entrance mats. We have entrance matting that is suitable for a variety of schools, assisting in the maintenance of a safe atmosphere for pupils.

Aluminum and safety

Regardless of the age of the students, school safety is a major concern. Nurseries and primary schools (those with younger children) require much more attention; after all, youngsters are notoriously prone to accidents, especially while entering or exiting a building. An effective entrance matting system can aid in the safety of the flooring. Schools may be hesitant to utilize custom-made systems because they are accustomed to seeing aluminum entrance matting, and those with smaller students may prefer a softer surface.

Ultimate mats have a variety of entrance mats that can help you solve this problem. For example, we have the Premier collection of PVC entrance tiles. Premier Rib is one of the options in this category. The PVC foundation tile is constructed entirely of recycled PVC and features ribbed rubber inserts for further traction. It may be utilized at the point of entry and is slip-resistant, making it perfect for schools with smaller students. Of course, additional carpet surface mats, such as Premier Plus Tiles or one of our large selections of loose lay entrance mats, can be used to augment this.

Dimensions, installation, cleaning, and upkeep

It’s critical to be able to purchase easy-to-maintain entry matting for busy establishments like schools, colleges, and universities. It should also be remembered that the larger the school, the greater the entry matting in terms of floor covering will have to be. It must also be long-lasting enough to withstand foot activity.

Attractive and Professional

It’s also crucial that the entrance matting looks professional, appealing, and consistent with the rest of the school’s aesthetic.

Ultimate mats have a variety of entry matting styles to choose from.

It is not necessary to use only dark colors such as black, blue, or grey for entrance matting. We provide a wide selection of matting in a variety of colors.

Mats with logos

While Logo mats are appealing and can help your building to look more professional, ordinary loose lay custom rugs with logo are better suited to the medium-duty application. Logo mat Precision, a heavy-duty choice for entrances subjected to more extreme wear and tear, is a premium custom-made to order entrance mat product.

Educational facilities must have the proper entrance matting in place to prevent not just dirt and moisture from entering the school, but also health and safety problems like slipping and tripping.

Entrance matting which is ideal for heavy amounts of traffic, but the college also took advantage of custom-printed Logo mat into the system. As a consequence, the entrance was both functional and professional.

Educational institutions, from pre-schools to universities, are very busy locations that see a lot of foot traffic every day, so choosing an entry matting that is not only professional and appealing but also safe and easy to install and maintain is critical. Ultimate mats offer a variety of entrance matting systems that are perfect for schools. If you would like to shop the range, please click here.

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