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Guidelines For Contributors:

 • The guest article you send us should be at least 500 words long. This is the minimum word count requirement. However, 1,500 words are the most that can be allowed.

• Tone: The tone you employ when writing has to be conversational and entertaining for the reader. The reader ought to have the impression that the article is aimed at illuminating them.

Claim all of the statements that you put in the titles. If you utilize any figures, facts, or research, be sure to link back to their respective sources.

The article must strictly be relevant to home renovation, business, money, vehicle, lifestyle, technology, family/parenting, travel, and entertainment to be considered relevant. Any post that is not relevant to the topic at hand will not be approved or published. Your contribution will be reviewed by an experienced editorial staff member here.

• Images: You are required to include at least one photo with your material. This is a must. The image that you upload should not only be crystal clear, but also of high definition quality, and its resolution should be at least 600 pixels wide and 600 pixels long.

• Introductions: Ensure that the opening paragraph or the information paragraph is kept to a minimum in length. Think about writing in no more than one hundred words.

• Links: We realize that writing takes a significant amount of time and that you want a link to your blog because of this. Keeping this in mind, you are welcome to include one link on your blog at your discretion.

• Plagiarism: The stuff that has been duplicated is not acceptable to us. Since you are a writer, you are well aware of the importance of producing unique content, and we anticipate that you will not steal the work of other authors.

• Grammatical Errors: With the readership in mind, ensure that the piece is well written in English and devoid of any grammatical mistakes.

• Entertaining: Since we do not wish to dissatisfy our audience, the article needs to be entertaining as well as educational for those who read it.

Guest Post Content Guidelines:

Gardening is a broad subject, and there are a great many paths you might take to achieve your goals. You might look into the following possibilities and investigate others as well.

  • Home improvement
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Automobile
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Family/parenting
  • Travel
  • Entertainment

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